My intention is to create a global community of innovators, communicators, creatives and leaders.

Born into a German Chef’s dynasty, my upbringing was steeped in culinary excellence. My father achieved the coveted Michelin Star, setting the bar high. I was drawn to the bustling, fast-paced world of star cuisine — the vibrant colours, tantalising scents, and artistic food compositions. After closing the restaurant, my parents went their separate ways and at 6 years old, I was living with my mother. Ever since, she was my greatest supporter, and encouraged me to expand my creativity and spirituality and inspired me to live my life with true purpose.

After completing my education, I pursued visual arts and design, I discovered my creative passion in visual merchandising.
I began working for denim brands like LEE & DIESEL in German headquarters.
As I advanced in my career, I was recruited by LOUIS VUITTON to lead the display department for all their German stores, gaining valuable experience during my time in Paris and working with various departments.
I then joined the KARL LAGERFELD’s rebranding team in Amsterdam & Paris, going through several positions.
I managed creative concepts for 30+ countries across various retail channels, opened countless boutiques, coached teams worldwide, and led training initiatives for over eight years.

I was trying to balance a thriving career while dealing with my own stress related health issues.
At the same time, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and that was the reminder of how fragile and temporary life can be which prompted a profound choice. I then decided to step away from my career to be with my mother during her final chapter while starting my personal journey of healing. On a sunny spring morning in 2023, she passed away.
It was an extremely transformative period which shifted my perspective of life.
I was deeply inspired by personal growth seminars and retreats and decided to launch the INTOTHELIGHT project where I connect creatives, entrepreneurs and individuals and curate immersive events.
My work at Into The Light is dedicated to help people find their niche and to provide the tools for sustainable success while avoiding burnout.

In my past career, I excelled at highlighting luxury products. Now, I’m focused on highlighting the potential in people, driven by a strong commitment to making the difference our world desperately needs.



Creative Business Architect

Jade Caron is a dedicated advocate for creative entrepreneurs and founders, guiding them to effectively organize, structure and scale their businesses. In her work, she allies her methodological and critical thinking with her connection to creativity. Motivated by the desire to blend her analytical abilities with a keen sense of creativity, she sought to meet the needs of her creative entourage who were in search of guidance in turning concepts into tangible projects. Today, she has a portfolio of clients within the realms of mindfulness, creative arts, and ethical fashion, with whom she collaborates closely to offer guidance and support in navigating the complex needs of their growing businesses.




I’m a Coach, Consultant, Supervisor, and Trainer with 25+ years of corporate experience, including 18 years of leadership with international teams across Europe. I’ve gained expertise in leadership, team development, markets, strategy, and managing over 400 employees in 13 countries.
As an entrepreneur, husband, and father, I understand the importance of dedication, respect, responsibility, passion, and learning from mistakes. I’m proud of real-life examples showing that humanity and business success can coexist.
Yet, I’ve also seen the negative effects of pressure, overwhelm, and the lack of mindfulness, leading to stress, frustration, exhaustion, and even burnout.
As a Coach and Mentor, I help leaders and entrepreneurs achieve longlong-term success by integrating PEOPLE, VISION, and VALUES into a powerful combination.
I believe everyone has unique gifts to discover and unfold for a fulfilling life and leadership. My goal as a Coach is to empower individuals to take charge of their lives, unlock their full potential, and bring blessings to the world.



I´m a Breathwork coach, wholefoods plant plant-based chef, massage therapist and ice ice-bath aficionado! I love running workshops, helping others consciously tap into our nervous and immune systems, going deep and connecting with our inner selves -sharing the ability to live Healthy, Happy and Strong.
Enhance your physical and mental prowess, improve your overall
quality of life, boost your immune system, learn while having fun together in tribe, take over stress responses, dive into a deep control in the connection with body and mind and experiencing deep inner peace: that to me is the essence of the IceBreath method.